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Shakespearen Ruff Collar

Part of the Katie's Crafting Closet series hosted by  Two River Theater  Shakespearen Ruff Collar  Good Morrow Crafters!  Lets ruffle a few filters with this DIY ruff collar made from... coffee filters! Scroll to the bottom for a video tutorial, or click here for the  YouTube link .    Materials and Supplies Coffee Filters Ribbon Paper Straws Hole Punch Scissors Stapler  Step 1 Fold n Fluff  Take your first coffee filter and fold it in half, then fold that piece in half, and then... fold it in half again. So that's three folds total, leaving you with a small triangle.  Step 2 No Need to Tip Add a staple about an inch from the tip off the triangle. Take your scissors and cut off the remaining tip. Step 3 String 'em Along  With your hole punch, add a hole right above the stable.  Cut a piece of ribbon and string your coffee filter through to the middle. The length of the ribbon depends on who the collar is for. You want it to be long enough to hang around you neck with extra

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