Red Bank's Wedding Walk

Something new, something borrowed something blue, and... something crafted! When #TableSettingIsMyLife was invited to take part in the Annual Red Bank Wedding Walk we had to say, "I do!" We are getting the word out, that you don't have to become a pauper for the perfect nuptials - and you won't if it's a wedding made of paper!

A special thanks to Red Bank's own Frame to Please for letting #TableSettingIsMyLife showcase our paper centerpieces for the hundreds of brides-to-be!


  1. Oh my goodness! This wedding event looks fabulous. I am so impressed to see these stunning creations. I am so glad that you shared this post here. My sister is going to get married soon and would like to hire a talented planner that can make such adorable wedding arrangements. Do you know any good planner that knows about beautiful Hawaii wedding venues too?

    1. Thank you! We love making our one of a kind centerpieces. I don't know any planners in Hawaii, but we do make and ship our creations. Visit our website for more information on our services


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