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A Cardboard Christmas

"The theme is cute things but like... giant." "So theme is just giant things?" "Yes." Ah, the staff holiday party. It's a time of merriment, joy, and the occasional yankee swap scandal. This year's decor theme was "giant things," which led to some truly impressive creations.  Julia started us off with a towering stack of presents that left everyone wondering where she found the time (and wrapping paper) to pull it off. And Tara outdid herself with a fantastically massive photo backdrop, complete with jaw-droopingly beautiful balloon arch.  2023 Staff Holiday Party at Two River Theater So naturally, I thought to myself, "What's missing? Oh, right. Giant cardboard gingerbread houses." I grabbed some oversized cardboard boxes and started carving away like Michelangelo on a hot chocolate high. A huge round of applause for Bailey, who made them glow! My newfound love for cardboard houses did not stop at that. In fact, it complete

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