13 Days of Halloween

Lock the doors and check under the bed...it's MIDNIGHT and that means the witching hour is upon us! TableSettingIsMyLife is proud to present the 13 Days of Halloween. Keep both eyes open for spooky sights sure to haunt your home this season!  Happy Crafting!

Day 1 Gothic Spider

Arachnophobes beware of our specially made spider-iffic dinner plates!

Day 2 Nevermore!

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I crafted paper, sweet and cheery...
While I glued, slightly askewed, suddenly there came great inspiration: "paper flowers!" I yelled, "and bunting! A novel innovation! All of this and something more! Tablescaping Evermore!"

Day 3 The Pumpkin Patch

You don't know jack...o-lanterns if you haven't seen TableSettingIsMyLife's goard-geous take on the harvest tablescape! With fall in full spook, you don't have to scare your wallet to decorate for company! Try this October design that is as easy as pumpkin pie!

Day 4 The Bubbly Bar

Welcome to the TableSettingIsMyLife Bubbly Bar! Make no bones about this spooky Ghouls Years Celebration, this is not your typical dinner party...this inexpensive tablescape is good for two occasions! Remember...stay for the hors d'oeuvres...but don't have too many drinks or you'll never leave!

Day 5 Pick Your Poison

Pick your poison... you don't have to be mad to like the taste of this ghastly centerpiece! When table setting is your life, the secret ingredient for a dinner party to die for is a toxic tablescape!

Day 6 BOO!

WhoOOooOo says ghosts can't be fun? Look at this boo-tiful dessert table arrangement full of all the tricks and treats your Halloween party will need! Don't be scared when your guests start eyeing the cake...or when it starts looking back!

Day 8 Why So Grave?

Out of ideas for your next dinner party theme? Well don’t BUG OUT! Rest in peace! Here lies a great tablescape that will knock your guests dead!


Day 9 Color Me Monster


Hey Mom and Dad...having trouble planning your little Monster's Halloween party? Well try something a little outside-of-the-lines with this monster themed kids tablescape! The coloring book paper makes for an easy clean-up when the celebration gets a little too savage!

Day 10 Paint It Black

Little Miss Katie, the craftiest lady, made a tablescape today... along came a spider, which only inspired her, now the party is here to stay!

Day 11 Mummy Dearest

Take this golden opportunity to make your Halloween tablescape one that every mummy would approve of. Heads will roll with laughter when your guests see these Mummy centerpieces.
Special thanks to fellow tablesetter, Elizabeth Irene for drawing like an Egyptian and making our plates hiero-terrific!

Day 12 Grim Grinning Ghosts

Welcome Foolish Mortals to TableSettingIsMyLife's 12th Day of Halloween tablescapes! Keep your grim ghosts grinning with our Haunted Mansion inspired table. But remember... BEWARE OF HITCHHIKING GHOSTS! 


It's here! And for Halloween TableSettingIsMyLife is dishing out quite the dead-icacy! For this picnic tablescape it's not the ants you have to worry about! With ideas this simple your guests won't even have to give a hand...but maybe a foot! All the better to serve man...



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