The Merry Wives of Windsor Opening Night at Two River Theater

Originally posted in March of 2017

William Shakespeare's great comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor celebrated its opening night yesterday at Two River Theater, and  #TableSettingIsMyLife was there to help spread the word...
...literally. See, here's Katie Benson spreading book pages for the dessert table. Spreading the word. Get it? C'mon. 
Our dessert table was a hit of Shakespearean proportions with silhouette characters popping up from books to reenact special moments from the play.    

Thank you to The Danish Cafe for their sweet treats... they certainly had the starring ROLL! Sorry guys... sometimes I just can't help myself.

Similar silhouettes were cut from hard covers for some book smart centerpieces.  

Image result for merry wives of windsor at two river theater
The Merry Wives of Windsor will be playing at Two River Theater now through March 26th. Check out the trailer below!


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