A Jungle Cruise First Birthday

Welcome aboard, adventure lovers, for a Jungle Cruise themed birthday. As we leave the last outpost of civilization,  keep your hands, arms, legs and oars inside the boat at all times... after all you don't want to find yourself standard up the river without a paddle. 
Jungle Cruise Ride Sign crafted by Skipper Bob Benson
Be warned, The Jungle Cruise ride is meant only for the daring and brave who also have a sense of humor. Knock, Knock… Who’s there? … Safari. … Safari Who? … Safari, so good.
Attention all passengers, horseplay is not allowed when entering the boat. We do, however, allow you to monkey around while securely seated, just as long as you don’t go bananas.
Welcome aboard the Hurricane Henry, named for the little skipper celebrating his first birthday. 
Free kittens to a good home. Adorable, playful kittens have pretty stripes and are quite large. 
Trader Sam is running a special today: two of his heads for one of yours. Any way you slice it, you still come out ahead. 
Well, bottoms up fellows, I'm sure you'll get the point in the end!
Bengal Tigers can jump over 20ft, but don't worry we are only 15ft away. He'll jump right over us!
The quest to find Hidden Mickey's in the theme parks is a long and ongoing tradition, it's hard not to get roped in.
Usually it is only the animals, not guests, that are permitted to graze while in the rain forest but today we can make an exception. 

Thank you for traveling with the Jungle Cruise Trading Co. For any skippers planning their own voyage, here is a link to the queue music from the Walt Disney World ride. Enjoy!


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