Embroidered Place Cards

2018 The First Thanksgiving at Beers Street 

Did you know when the pilgrims sailed the ocean blue among their supplies were barrels of beer?  397 years later, Thanksgiving has come to Beers Street. 

When you run a company called #TableSettingIsMyLife, there is a certain expectation for your Thanksgiving table. Add to the recipe that it was my first time hosting as a first time home owner... the stakes were high - so good thing we were serving turkey and not beef. 
Having just come off of the Halloween Ball at Two River Theater, I used the same concept as the embroidered science drawings and crafted these embroidered place cards for each of our guests. 
Once again, I can not take full credit for the embroidery work. The night before, my sister and sister-in-law came over and the three of us watched movies while making each specialized piece. 

14 place cards, 3 sisters, 2 movies. 1 super cute memory. 

Special shout out to my favorite co-home owner Pat, who did all of our Thanksgiving cooking. That's right folks - all. Suddenly the 14 hand embroidered place cards don't seem like such hard work...  

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