A Wired Cyrano

The opening night celebration for Two River Theater's production of Cyrano was last Friday, Sept 27. When it came to the inspiration for the d├ęcor, I guess you could say I fell in line with the production artwork. Drawing from the show art, I sculpted wire portraits for my centerpieces. 

Are the puns too on the nose? It is always a fine line. Ok, I'll stop.  
...its just hard to keep a straight face
Anyway. Here is a little behind the scene's look at how I shaped my Wired Cyranos. 
For more on the opening night reception, check out this video from Red Bank Pulse, or click the link to view more photos of the the event.
Cyrano will be playing though October 13th at Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ. For more information about the show, visit the TRT website

To see more crafty opening night decorations, check my previous TRT Opening Night posts.


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