Cocktail Party is Under Construction

 Pave the Plaza

This event was held in Spring of 2019 on the Two River Theater Plaza.
Get your hard hats on because we are about to take you through a construction zone. Two River Theater has been busy transforming their entrance space and our events team was on-site to give a helping hand.
We constructed this party brick by brick to help launch Two River's Pave the Plaza campaign. As part of a capital campaign, TRT supporters are invited to add their name to new pavers that will welcome all future guests.   
And what better way to illustrate all this paving of the plaza than a pile of legos! Because seriously... who doesn't love legos!? 
The construction theme was in every detail, including caution tape bows tied around each tablecloth. After all, when you are throwing a party in the middle of a working site, you have to just go with it! 
Once this special project is complete, visitors will be greeted with a lush gathering place that will include a pergola stage for future events (Yay!). 
For more information on Two River's Pave the Plaza campaign, visit their website at!

Hazard Warning: 

If you give a friend your phone to take photos... you may end up with an unexpected yet exquisite selfie. Thank you Cassie Galasetti of Social Sidekick - always laying a foundation for others to stand on. 
Wayne Van Sant, TRT Maintenance Supervisor and Superhero
Cassie Galasetti, Co-founder at Social Sidekick 


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