Virtual Happy Hour!

Missing hanging out with your group of friends, or grabbing drinks with your coworkers? Don't let distance stop you from a raising a glass with your best buddies - throw a virtual happy hour! Here are a few tips on how #TableSettingIsMyLife can help elevate your next social media chat into the ultimate group hang!

The #TableSettingIsMyLife Virtual Happy Hour

We have recently launched our virtual happy hour kit on our Esty page. Each package includes themed decorations, festive drink accessories, and a group activity to get the giggles started properly. Don't worry - the activity is an easy, funny craft that works for ALL skill levels. You pick the theme, then we ship a kit directly to each one of your guests. 

Kits are shipped in brightly colored teal packages, guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face. I mean... who doesn't like getting packages??  In fact, everything has been designed with bright, happy colors to bring back some positive and creative energy. 

So how does it work?

Step 1 

Pick a theme. Featured are Luau, Fiesta, Sunday Brunch (bacon 'n eggs), Dinosaur, Garden Party, and City Girl. If you have another theme in mind - let us know! No extra charge for custom themes. Or mix and match!  

Step 2

Pick a date and time for your happy hour and invite your friends. Make sure to give enough time for packages to arrive ( 2 to 3 business days, may vary depending on location).
HOST TIP: Let your guests know ahead of time what the theme is. It gives a reason to plan the perfect outfit, find the right drink, or dig out additional accessories. These days, we all need a reason to get dressed up!

Step 3 
Place your order here.  Done!

Guide to Picking the Right Social Platform 

There are plenty of free video chat apps to choose from. We tested a few including Zoom, HouseParty, and Google Hang. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three.

  • HouseParty works in a permanent grid pattern, allowing you to see everyone all at once. But the app works best (if only) on phones. Keep in mind, my friends and I are not very tec savvy so it may work just fine on desktops and laptops - but we could not figure it out... Also, I kept calling it home app, leaving me open for a bit of lighthearted teasing. 
  • Zoom lets you pick between the grid pattern and a featured speaker screen. Featured speaker view highlights the person who is talking (or making any noise)  automatically rotating who is the center image. I love that zoom allows you to schedule a meeting ahead of time, though like HouseParty, your guests will need to download the app.
  • Google Hang seems to be the easiest for everyone to navigate. As host you can email the invite or text the link to your guests. Very easy for anyone to hop in at anytime (invited hop ins). Like Zoom, Google Hang works as the featured speaker view BUT you can also click on anyone's video to enlarge their image. Plus - no one will need to download an app to join in.


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