Fiesta Friday

El diecisiete de abril

This week was the fourth in our stay at home quarintine, and things were becoming a bit bland at Beers Street. So when the end of the week finally arrived, it was time to spice things up!
And you know nothing makes me happier than throwing a party, even if there are no guests (hello mis amigos). 
To help you start your weekend off right, #TableSettingIsMyLife is here with a few ideas to craft your own Friday Fiesta! 

Cactus Makes Perfect

I think my cactus is looking pretty sharp! Make your own prickly little friend with our free template and DIY tutorial video

What's the Spanish word for color?

Holy Guacamole! This is nacho average table cover. Check out the new festive fiesta coloring table, just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Now available on Etsy. 

Take it with a Grain of Salt

Yes, there is a chance this whole thing was just an excuse to make margaritas. 

The Beers Street Alebrijes Collection

Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures made from carved wood. We have been adding to our collection over the past eight years. 

That's pretty much where the wholesome version of that story ends. You see, each piece was purchased on different vacations to the most magical place on earth, after a trip around the world that always ended at the Mexican pavillion with a spicy margarita and need to buy something. If you don't understand that story, don't worry about it, it was intended for one very particular reader. 

Fiesta in a Box 

Whether it's Taco Tuesday or Cinco de Mayo... oh wait. Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday are the same day this year! Well, no matter the occasion, #TableSettingIsMyLife has the right accessories to turn your party into a fiesta! Check out our Cinco de Mayo Party in Box or Fiesta Decoration Kit on our Etsy page. 

DIY Paper Cactus Video 


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