Robot Friends

 This project was a part of the Crafts with Katie series hosted by The Keyport Public Library

DIY Robot 

Follow our step by step guide to building your own mechanical marvel. Scroll to the bottom for a video tutorial, or click here for the YouTube link. And be sure to check out our Robot Party Decoration Kit now available on Etsy! 

Materials and Supplies

  • Two Different Sized Cardboard Boxes
  • Electrical Tape or Silver Wrapping Paper 
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

Step 1 Box It Up

Find two different size boxes for the head and body. I wanted my robot to be slightly stocky looking, so I trimmed a few inches off of the bottom of a Mac n Cheese box to shorten the body. 

Cover each box in electrical tape or silver wrapping paper.  

Step 2 Neck It Out 

For the neck of my robot, I used a bottom cap. Using hot glue, attached the neck to the body then the body to the neck. 

Step 3 Color Me Robot

On a piece of paper draw a few simple robotic features. You can add buttons, sensors, gauges, switches... Your intelligence is not artificial - so use that brain and get creative! 

Once you have your drawings colored in, cut them out and glue onto your robot. 

Step 4 Give A Hand

Using an according fold, I quickly made two robot arms from a 1 inch strip of paper. After attaching the paper arms to each side, I cut two black circles and glued to the end of the arm. 

Step 5 Eye of the Beholder 

Now get out your box of googly eyes...

Remember: crafting at home is about using whatever material you happen to have on hand. So if you happen to be all out of googly eyes, you can substitute with buttons, or cut black and white circles from paper. 

Step 6 Good Reception

For a little extra flare, I cut the tip off of a paper straw and attached it to the top of the head, adding a purple pom-pom to the top. 


For more Robot themed inspiration, check out our robot decorations on the #TableSettingIsMyLife Esty page

Full Tutorial Video

Crafts with Katie 

Crafts with Katie is a weekly family crafting series hosted by The Keyport Public Library, with special thanks to the Friends of Keyport Public Library. Every Wednesday at noon stop by the Keyport Library FaceBook page for a new family friendly DIY video. 

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