Five Fun Fiesta Ideas

Why not spice things up!? Whether its Taco Tuesday. Margarita Monday, or Fiesta Friday - #TableSettingIsMyLife is here to help you with family crafts, decorations and a whole lot more!

1. Fiesta Coloring Table  

Its time to add a little more color to your table! Our Fiesta Coloring Table Cover is perfect for all ages! Bonus: the coloring book paper makes for an easy clean-up when the celebration gets a little too fun!

2. DIY Paper Cactus 

Crafts with Katie is a bi-weekly online crafting series hosted by The Keyport Public Library. This week, we made some sharp looking cacti! Make your own prickly little friend using this free cactus template. Check out the full DIY video here. 

3. Party in a Box: Fiesta 

Send some one you love a feliz sorpresa or throw yourself a fabulousa fiesta with our Party in a Box: Fiesta! Now Available on Etsy. 
All Party in a Box Include:
1 Mini Pinata 
1 Word Banner 
1 Papel Picado Banner
6 Dessert Toppers
4 Party Straws
2 Paper Sugar Skull Craft Kits 

4. Taco Tuesday

Brighten up your family dinner with our taco themed decor kitFun Disney Fact: the song featured in this video is The Three Caballeros from Grand Fiesta Tour ride in the Mexican pavilion in Epcot! On of my favorite places in the world. 

5. Sugar Skull Craft Kit 

No matter who is gathering round your table - this Sugar Skull Craft kit is fun for ALL skill levels. Our easy craft kits work well as a party favors or just a rainy day kids craft. Now available on Etsy
At #TableSettingIsMyLife, we respect the tradition of this Dia de los Muertos celebration folk art. Skulls are an essential part of the symbolism of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. Please, take a few minutes and look up the history of sugar skulls, it is fascinating!

For more themed inspiration, check out our previous FIESTA posts.


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