Tour de France Moving Image

 Allez! Allez! 

This breakaway project is inspired by my love of the Tour de France AND the amazing production team at NBC Sports. How they can edit together all those fantastic video packages so quickly is beyond me - it takes me most of the day to get one crafting video edited.

To craft your own moving image, follow the step by step instructions from my Steamboat Willie post, or watch the Crafts with Katie video for a full tutorial. You can use the Road to Paris template for a Tour de France theme. 


If you're looking for more le tour inspiration (in the form of party decorations of course) be sure to check out the TdF  collection at the #TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy Store.

Steamboat Willie Post

Follow the directions from my Steamboat Willie craft. Like this Tour de France version, I figured it out as I crafted. For a more complete tutorial, check out the video below. 

Full Video Tutorial 

Throughout the first two years of the pandemic, Crafts with Katie was a weekly family crafting series hosted by The Keyport Public Library, with special thanks to the Friends of Keyport Public Library. The Friends of the Keyport Library is a nonprofit organization formed to support, promote and advocate for our local library in Keyport, NJ.

For more totally family friendly crafts, check out our previous Crafts with Katie posts.

 Or check out our Tour de France decorations at  #TableSettingIsMyLife on Esty.


A term which is frequently used by cyclists to indicate respect for another's achievements. By saying "chapeau", which literally means "hat", the rider is doffing his cap to a colleague for a good day's riding.

Bob Benson 1954 - 2017

The Dad, our breakaway leader who started the family's obsession with le Tour de France many stages ago.  


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