TRT Holiday Pop Up 2020

Making Spirits Bright

In December of 2020, people seemed in need of some spirit-brightening and togetherness. So the staff of Two River Theater decided to host a festively fun Pop-Up on the Plaza! 

Extra cheer: it also gave me an excuse to create a winter wonderland with help from the elves in Two River's Production department.  

Visit the Two River Theater website to see all the fun things we created in action, including the snow globe selfie station and a grab-and-go beaded snowflake craft, now available at the #TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy store! 
Behind the Scenes
I will never stop being amazed at how the Production Department of Two River Theater can take my little doodle drawings and bring them to life! 
Fun Fact: The large ring that makes up the snow globe selfie station was recycled from 2019's TRT production of Cyrano. After the show was over, I pulled the giant moon from the trash pile in hopes of adding it to my garden - but instead it sat in a my basement taking up space until I thought - hey that larger circle could make for a nice oversized snow globe. 

Boughs of Holly 

The over sized garland was crafted at home. I cut giant holly leaves & berries foam paper. Not gonna lie... I kind of loved how it looked in my dinning room and was a little sad to move it over to Two River. 

For more holiday cheer, check out our previous posts for Christmas Crafts, Wonderous Windows, and Decked out Halls!

Happy Holidays!


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