A Fin-tastic Father’s Day: Kicking Off Our Shark-Themed Summer

Father's Day last year was a ripping success as we dove headfirst into a shark-themed celebration. Our daughter Tess, an avid watcher of Baby Shark, and Pat, whose all-time favorite movie is Jaws, made the theme an obvious choice. 
This special day also marked the beginning of a thrilling shark-themed summer that included Tess's first trip to an aquarium, multiple Jaws themed wedding messages, and a great white on the great white way. 

To make the day extra special, I decided to give Pat his birthday present a bit early. Although his birthday is in August, I presented him with tickets to see The Shark is Broken on Broadway. Instead of handing over the printable tickets, I got creative and made a custom card featuring a QR code linked to the YouTube production trailer of the play. 

In addition to the Broadway tickets, I showered Pat with an array of shark-themed beach and pool accessories, all neatly packed in a fun cooler. From shark-patterned towels to inflatable shark toys, every item was carefully chosen to enhance our summer adventures.

Below, you can find some photos of more sharky gifts and snapshots from our unforgettable trip to the aquarium.

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