Welcome Foolish Mortals

50 Years of Happy Haunts

Few rides can hold a flickering candle to the Haunted Mansion, now celebrating 50 years since it first materialized in 1969. In honor of this anniversary year, here is a look back at this ghostly inspired table originally crafted as part of the  #TableSettingIsMyLife 13 Days of Halloween

Keep your grim ghosts grinning with our Haunted Mansion inspired table. Are these place cards actually stretching? Or is it your imagination? 
Manifesting as our centerpiece, Madame Leota is able to send "sympathetic vibrations" to summon ghosts from the spirit world as the iconis Haunted Mansion looks back at our mortal guests. 
There’s a little matter I forgot to mention — beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

Hurry Back …


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