Don't be Afraid to Make an Entrance

Katie Benson knows how to make an entrance...

Or better yet, the Production team at Two River Theater know how to build one for me. For three years TRT has hosted a annual Halloween Ball, giving me the yearly opportunity to design the entrance to the theater.

Halloween Ball I: Vaudeville 

On October 22, 2016 Two River underwent a complete transformation into an abandoned 1920s Vaudeville theater for the first Halloween Ball. Those brave enough to enter through the mouth of our Ventriloquist Dummy took part in a booze and blood soaked evening featuring a midnight costume contest, monstrous music, and deadly decor. 

Halloween Ball II: CarnEvil 

The following year, we ran away to the circus for a CarnEvil themed Halloween Ball. Enter the Fun House, where freakish chaos and demonic darkness claim the lonely, the strange, and the forgotten…
Dare to peek under the tent and witness unimaginable horrors that may haunt you forever!?
For more photos of HB2 check out the coverage from our friends at The Red Bank Pulse.

Halloween Ball III: Mad Scientist 

Ready to enter the secret laboratory of the maddest of mad doctors?

Special thanks to Young Frankenstein for the inspiration.

To see full coverage of HB3, please check out Red Bank Pulse

Happy Haunting!


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