Its a Mad Mad Chalkboard

Do you dare enter the laboratory of the desperately disturbed?

For the third annual Halloween Ball at Two River Theater, we went mad for this scientific theme, constructing the perfect formula for the bar backdrop.
Bubbly beakers were full of devious drinks for the seven hour open bar! ...I'm dead serious. Seven hours. 

How do evil geniuses get it all done? 

With help from mischievous minions. Of course, my minions come in the form of friends and family. More specifically, my sister Elizabeth Benson who came in to draw up these hilarious, and yet theoretically sound formulas.
Sitting center stage is the head of Frankenstein's monster, originally crafted for the previous year's Halloween Ball (check out photos from HB2 here!) by the insanely talented Bob Benson. 
It was this brainless noggin that inspired HB3's Mad Scientist theme.
And what became of the chalkboard backdrop? Well...

...ITS ALIVE!!! 
That's right. The bar backdrop has been resurrected for my Beers Street basement work shop.
And to complete the laboratory look, I dissected the Frankenstein table, originally built as part of a photo station, and stitched it back together into a workbench. I mean, it really is brilliant for woodworking - just ignore the blood splatter - as long as its not mine!   ...a little humor for my fellow wood workers. 

To see more photos of HB3 at TRT, please check out our friends at the Red Bank Pulse

Happy Haunts! 


Bob Benson as Frankenstein's Monster in 2014.
A mastermind - forever inspiring the rest of us evil geniuses.   


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