Its Turkey Lurkey Time!

Who says mealtime can't be playtime?

This Thanksgiving, try something a little outside-of-the-lines....
Keep your smaller size guests busy with our interactive kids coloring table! Of course if your family is anything like ours, you may find it's the adults who want to get into the holiday spirit. 
Gobble up one of our table covers, fun for all ages and now available at our Etsy store. Don't forget, the coloring book paper makes for an easy clean-up when the celebration gets a little too fun!

Turkey Day Bonus:

We felt like cooking up some additional tasty treats. This fabric bird gives a whole new meaning to stuffing the turkey. 
And forget oven roasted vs. deep fried.... here at #TableSettingIsMyLife the turkey debate is fabric vs. paper. We couldn't decide, so we just cooked up two versions of the holiday classic.


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