Make Your Own Pirate Spy Glass

Whether its as a party activity, rainy day kids craft, or family fun - make your next get together extra adventurous with our Pirate Spyglass Craft Kit.

Crafting a Pirate's Adventure

Purchase your own craft kit with all materials needed from the @TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy store. Then craft along with me with help from this instructional video. 
Or skip the kit and learn how to make this craft using materials from your local store. Visit the @TableSettingIsMyLife youtube channel for complete instructions on making this craft from scratch.  

Pirate Spyglass Craft Kit 

Materials Included

  • Black cardboard roll
  • Pre-cut paper cup
  • Clear plastic discs 
  • Gold tape 
  • Pirate Stickers 
  • Printed instructions 
Glue, markers and scissors are not included in crafting kit. 

Crafting Instructions 

Step 1 Land Ho!

On your plastic circle, draw an image using markers. Use your imagination!  You can draw a whale, a treasure chest, a pirate (friend or foe) waving back at you, an island. 

Step 2 Batten Down the Hatches 

Glue the plastic disc to the opening of the paper cup. 

Step 3 Shiver Me Timbers! 

Attach the roll to the top of the paper cup with glue. Decorate as desired. I used gold tape and a few Jolly Rodger stickers on my spy glass.

Step 4 There she blows! 

Yo ho ho! You're all done.

If you're looking for pirate booty (in the form of party decorations of course) be sure to check out arrrr (pirate pun) complete collection at the #TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy Store.

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