Make Your Marionette Horse

Whether its as a party activity, rainy day kids craft, or family fun - make your next get together even more animated with our Horse Puppet Craft Kit.

Purchase your own craft kit with all materials needed* from the @TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy store. Then craft along with me with help from this instructional video. 
*Kits do not include glue. 

Craft Kit Instructions 

Horse Marionette Craft Kit 

Materials Included

  • Small cardboard roll (head)
  • Large cardboard roll (body)
  • Craft beads 
  • Popsicle Sticks (2)
  • Cardboard washers
  • Googly eyes (2) 
  • Yarn
  • Twine

Or skip the kit and learn how to make this craft using materials from your local store. Visit the @TableSettingIsMyLife youtube channel for complete instructions on making this craft from scratch.  

About Craft Along with Katie 

Crafts with Katie was a weekly family crafting series hosted by The Keyport Public Library, with special thanks to the Friends of Keyport Public Library. The Friends of the Keyport Library is a nonprofit organization formed to support, promote and advocate for our local library in Keyport, NJ.

For more totally family friendly crafts, check out our previous Crafts with Katie posts.


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