Oktoberfest 2021


September 18th was the official 2021 start date for the most famous Oktoberfest festival held in Munich, Germany. Sadly the event has been cancelled due to... well you know. But don't fill your pint glasses with tears, instead  make your own Oktoberfest right at home! 

1. DIY Beer & Pretzel Garland

Let's Get Crafty!

It would not be a proper #TableSettingIsMyLife party with out paper decorations. Make your own beer garland with our free printable template. 

Not feeling the arts and crafts scene? Check out our Oktoberfest themed decorations now available on Etsy! 

2. Oktoberfest Theme Coloring Table

You do not have to be 21 years or older to enjoy this Oktoberfest Coloring Table CoverThese paper tablecloths are covered in hand drawn festive details. Bonus: the coloring book paper makes for an easy clean-up when the celebration gets a little too fun! Now available at the #TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy store

3. Make Your Own Beer Goggles

A must have item for every household. I made my beer goggles out of a broken pair of sunglasses and a few pieces of paper. And now you can be as cool as me! Here is a link to the beer goggle template. Simply cut out the image and glue to tape to glasses. Then walk around your home like the awesome person you are. 

4. Oktoberfest Decor Kit 

Add a little extra cheers to your life with our Beer & Pretzel decoration kits. Each kit comes with a beer stain banner, a beer and pretzel garland, and a starburst garland. Perfect accessories when wishing anyone a HOPPY Birthday. 

5. Beer & Pretzel Party Paper Straws

Are you a non-beer drinker but still want to get in the Oktoberfest spirit? These fabulously cute party straws can make any drink choice fit in with the theme. As a current drinker of everything non-alcoholic ( 9 months ain't soo bad ),  I love anything that can make my sparkly water a bit more festive!

For more beer themed ideas check out our National Beer Day post! 

 Or check out our full collection of beer themed items on the  #TableSettingIsMyLife on Esty.


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