Five Not-so-Tricky Treats for Halloween Crafters

1. Graveyard Search & Find 

Crafts with Katie is a weekly online crafting series hosted by The Keyport Public Library. Every Wednesday at noon, a new family friendly crafting video is posted to the Keyport Library Facebook page. This week, we went in search of ghosts! Check out the full DIY video here. 

2. Abby Normal

A 30-second Halloween craft project perfect for any sized brain. This soapy party favor was originally created for the 2018 Halloween Ball

3. Flying Bat

When it comes to Halloween crafting, you could say I get just a little bit batty. To make your own nocturnal flying friend, you can use this bat template

4. Halloween Magic Cards

No, it's not witchcraft. These disappearing cards may seem tricky to make, but the real magic is how easy they are! Check out our full DIY tutorial here.

5. Mad for Science 

A part of #SceneAtTwoRiver, Katie's Crafting Closet is a monthly series where I get to share crafting projects inspired by past productions at Two River Theater. Here is a family friendly craft inspired by the 2018 TRT Halloween Ball. Check out Two River's YouTube channel for a step by step DIY video

For more ghoulishly delightful crafts, check out our previous Halloween posts.


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