Paper Lantern Holiday Village

Build your own paper lantern holiday village by using the instructions below. Or check out our Etsy shop to purchase a complete paper village craft kit!

DIY Paper Village

This crafting project was created as part of the Katie's Crafting Closet series for #SceneAtTwoRiver. For the original video, which includes a look at my 2015 TRT holiday window display that inspired the craft, scroll to the bottom or click here for the YouTube link.

Materials and Supplies

*Optional: you can purchase the paper template through my Etsy shop as an instant digital download. It is a one time purchase, no need to buy multiple copies - print as many templates as you need! Best if printed onto cardstock paper. You can also skip this step and make your own (see below in the instructions). 

OR check out our Paper Village Craft Along Kit - now available on Etsy!

Follow along with the video tutorial, or use the step by step instructions below. Remember to share your artwork! We would love to see what you've created - tag @tablesettingismylife on your completed project.

Step 1 Cut it Out  

Start by cutting out simple outline drawings of houses. You can draw them yourself, print out images of houses from the web, or visit my Etsy shop for an instant digital download of the village template (you only need to purchase one template - then print as many copies as you like!). Click here for link to template

If making your own template, remember to add on tabs to either side of the homes (see above picture).

Cut out your homes, then use a precision or exacto knife to remove all the windows and doors. 

Step 2 Cover it Up

Cover one side of the house with parchment paper by cutting the parchment to size (enough to cover the openings) and taping in place. This is now the back of the home. 

Step 3 Link it Together 

Fold the tabs on either side of the house in opposite directions. Example: fold the left side tab towards the front of the home, then the right side tab towards the back. 

Attach the homes in a link by taping the tabs together. In order for it to stand on its own, create a zig zag pattern by taping front facing tabs to back facing tabs (see below video for example). 

Step 3 Light it Up

Now add holiday cheer by placing the paper village in front of any light source. You can use string lights, sunlight, or other Christmas decorations to help light your village. I placed mine in front of a simple garland I had draped over a table. Adorable.

Happy Holidays!

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Original Crafting Video

Katie's Crafting Closet at Two River Theater

A part of #SceneAtTwoRiver, Katie's Crafting Closet was a pandemic series where I got to share crafting projects inspired by past productions and events at Two River Theater

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