What a Turkey Day Night

This project was a part of the Crafts with Katie series hosted by The Keyport Public Library For the original video, scroll to the bottom or click here for the YouTube link. 

A little Bing Crosby, a cardboard turkey and I've got plenty to be thankful for. Making the most with Thanksgiving 2020. Why a cardboard turkey? It just felt like the right centerpiece to match the #TableSettingIsMyLife Thanksgiving Coloring Table. Here is a quick recipe for how to cook up your own boxy bird. 

Music featured in video:
1942 Bing Crosby - I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For

DIY Cardboard Turkey


Step 1 Prepping the Poultry

Using the turkey body template, trace onto a piece of cardboard. I recommend using a piece that already has a fold in it (the fold will be the top of the turkey - sandwich board style). 

Then flip your template (mirror original drawing with the two tops touching). Trace a second body piece right up against your first drawing. Then cut as one, creating an angel wings pattern. Fold together.

Step 2 Basting the Bird 

Cut a strip of cardboard. Create a tab at both ends by folding it. Use these tabs to glue the winged body pieces together, allowing the bird to sit securely.

Step 3 Trussing the Turkey

Using the turkey template, trace and cut two drumsticks and two wings from cardboard. Cut for pieces of the bone caps from white cardstock paper and attach to both sides of each drumstick. 

To attach, you can simply glue the drumsticks and wings in place... or for a little extra flavor, use Velcro strips.  

Step 5 Ding! 

Gather the whole family cause it's Turkey Time!

Full Tutorial Video with Instructions

Crafts with Katie 

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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