Black & White and Delicious All Over

Thanksgiving November 2019

This Thanksgiving, consider stepping outside-the-lines and creating a unique table scape with a hand-drawn touch. 
In order to create this stunning aesthetic, I sketched the outlines of the leaves and hung them, in addition to vertically suspended twinkle lights, from the ceiling to elegantly cascade down the center of the table. 
Incorporating white turkeys or pumpkins, candles, and floral arrangements can also enhance the monochrome color scheme and create a chic and modern Thanksgiving table setting.
Keeping with the black and white theme, I crafted a coloring table for my guests by using butcher paper and a permanent marker to trace my original designs. Each seat at the table had a hand-drawn Thanksgiving plate, complete with a 2D place card with the guests name. 
Not only will the kids have a blast coloring, but the adults may find themselves joining in on the fun and getting into the holiday spirit too.
As the night wore on, the once black and white table began to transform. What started as a simple and elegant table setting became a collaborative work of art, a physical manifestation of the joy and gratitude felt by all those gathered around it.
The colorful tablecloth served as a beautiful reminder of the warmth and love shared on that special night. As we approach another turkey day and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, let's continue to spread kindness, generosity, and positivity and make the world a better place, one small act at a time.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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