Beaded Snowflake Crafting Kit

This video accompanies the beaded snowflake craft kit, available for purchase on my #TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy store. Each craft kit includes everything you need to make a beautiful snowflake ornament. 

Beaded Snowflake Instructions

Purchase your own craft kit with all materials needed from the @TableSettingIsMyLife Etsy store. Then craft along with me with help from this instructional video. 

Beaded Snowflake Craft Kit 

Materials Included

  • Crafting Beads
  • Pre Cut Pipe Cleaner
  • Crafting Instructions
Ribbon and scissors are not included in crafting kit. 

Crafting Instructions 

Step by Step 

  1. Take the three pipe cleaners & twist them together at their center point. Spread out to make snowflake shape.
  2. Thread plastic beads onto each arm of the snowflake, leaving approximately half an inch of space at the end.
  3. To prevent the beads from sliding off, make sure to bend the end of each pipe cleaner into a loop and tuck into the last bead.
  4. Tie a ribbon to one of the folded ends to hang.

Skip the kit: learn how to make this craft using materials from your local store. Watch the video below or visit the @TableSettingIsMyLife YouTube channel for complete instructions on making this craft from scratch. 

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About Craft Along with Katie 

Crafts with Katie was a weekly crafting series I hosted for my local library during the pandemic, as a way to stay connected to the families in our community. For more totally family friendly crafts, check out our previous Crafts with Katie posts.


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